Friday, December 1, 2006


An amazing site that lets you earn money for refferals and for surveys. This is great. I've made a lot so far. Start rolling in the money by clicking here

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Tuesday, November 28, 2006


This is another great money-making site. Reffer people and add posts to earn money. I just started, but so far it seems pretty great. Sign up here. What do you think?

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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Search Chips

Search Chips is another great websites where you can win prizes for searching. Unfortunately, it takes a lot longer than some other sites. It takes 20,000 chips to win an iPod Video and only 1 chip per search. There are other ways to earn chips, but there aren't as many ways as Winzy and Blingo. Personally, I don't think that SearchChips is a great site, but some people spend a lot of time developing there SearchCHips site. Another difference with SearchChips is that you get your own personalized site. It has info about you prize, and you can add bookmarks to it which will earn you points. It's a good idea, but it takes a long time to win anything. You can visit my SearchChips site here

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Blingo is a site very much like Winzy. The major difference between Blingo and Winzy is that Blingo doesn't use a point system. It is more random and you win physical prizes if you win rather than points. Winzy makes you feel better whenever you gain points by winning them or searching. Blingo however, only allows 10 searches a day which are eligable for winning something. Therefore I like Winzy better because I can win points, and I have a better chance of winning. Sign-up here

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Winzy is a great website to win prizes from. It uses a point a system. For every search that you make, you earn 1 point. There are many ways to earn points, proabaly the most variaty of any point per search site. it's one of the best. Make a search and sign-up here

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NonCC Custom Order This

This is another great site to win free prizes. It has a nice variety to choose from and is not random. Each prizes requires a certain amount of referrals. The iPod video requires 23 referrals for instance. So you find 23 friends and sign them up. If the create an account, you get one referral. The only catch is that before you can win prizes, you have to sign-up for some offers to get 1 credit. It's pretty easy, just make up e-mails and names. This is a great site, you can sign up here

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